Divine Healing Made Simple

Divine Healing Made SImple

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Divine Healing Made Simple is a training manual for the supernatural life, that provides street-proven instruction for releasing healing and miracles in any type of setting. It’s the first book in The Kingdom of God Made Simple series; a self-study course designed to train believers how to live out the fullness of the life offered to us as heirs of God’s kingdom.

The author takes a no-nonsense approach to the miraculous, teaching in a straight-forward and clear manner that simplifies the sometimes confusing concepts of the supernatural. In addition to healing, you’ll learn about prophetic ministry, street evangelism, deliverance, raising the dead, and making disciples. There are chapters on healing in the workplace, healing in health care and we’ll take a prophetic look at the future of healing. The difficult questions that many authors avoid are addresses in the three chapters that deal with why some people are not healed and why some people lose their healing.